Integra2 has developed a specialised service for the publishing sector. Broad knowledge with regard to publishing campaigns and experience in managing the complete shipment process for Logista Libros, a subsidiary company of Grupo Logista, make us a key player in the book distribution network (dedicated service for shopping centres/department stores and recurrent delivery to bookshops).

Thanks to the application of the e-p@cking-list (electronic packing list), the detailed delivery note, integrated into the shipment, has become a reality.  In addition, the file transfer system connected to the publishing house makes it possible to manage the distribution channel’s orders and returns at origin. 

Using data communications, the publishing house requests the different pick ups for campaigns with a returns status.  The Integra2 system generates a daily report on the real amount of stock that will be returned with guaranteed delivery, thus making sure the publishing house gets the maximum number of copies back in stock as quickly as possible.

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