In 1978 a group of carriers start their activities in Barcelona. Over the next two decades, the network is expanded to provide coverage to Spain, Portugal and Andorra. Taking into account the volume of services and its growth, they created the T2 Transportes brand to position itself professionally in the national market as a unified group. They decided to lead the investment in refrigerated logistics structures (warehouses and fleet).

Starting in 1998, the shareholding was remodeled, the Grupo T2 brand was dissolved to launch Integra2 brand on the market, although the partner in Madrid once again operates as Transportes Alameda. Integra2, Nacex and Opelog are organized as Grupo Burgal and provide the transport service with the human resources, information technology and infrastructure necessary to face the expected growth.

Logista acquires the Burgal Group. Integra2 and Nacex continue to operate with the same identity while OPELOG transforms into Logista Pharma. A short time later, Logista acquired Transportes Alameda, consolidating the Integra2 Network. This process makes Integra2 play a fundamental role in traditional businesses, Pharma, Convenience, Books and other sectors where Logista has an interest.

Today Integra2 is called Logista Parcel. In the last decade Integra2 invested in the improvement of temperature controlled facilities, technology to offer a unique thermal traceability that differentiates the business value proposition and aligns with the high quality standards of its clients. Since 2015 Integra2 measure the carbon footprint of each shipment and work to reduce our emissions and comply with corporate compliance.